To achieve the goal of our students we provide Vegetarian, pure, clean and satvik food, onion is kept optional to comfortable eating of most. The food we provide is as per Indian home-style cooked food considering the need of every student coming to us.

Our mess has already set menu different in each day to satisfy the taste buds and soul. We all know that we become what we eat; this is why our chefs prepare delicious yet very healthy food. At Haritha we love to use seasonal fruits and vegetables on the priority basis.

For those who do not prefer onion, garlic they will get food accordingly. We also take care of Vegan people, so as per the request your plate will be served.

As Ayurveda suggests, understanding the nature of food is equally important to keep doshas balanced. We focus on cooking in a way to keep the prana (life) of food intact. Our chefs are well trained to prepare the diet wealthy in supplements and the food that body is able to digest easily.

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Haritha Yogshala, Near Neelkanth Taxi Stand, Swargashram Area, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304, India