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Become a certified reiki healer

Haritha Yogshala offers the best Reiki healing course in Rishikesh. This course is best to learn Reiki healing concepts, science, and the techniques of healing.

You can learn reiki healing course at an individual level wise or you can join the complete Reiki teacher training course.

Why? What? How? Where? - Reiki Healing

Are you eager to know about reiki healing? Just devote your 6 minutes and gift yourself the wonderful knowledge of reiki which is actually a process of healing with the use of self-inner immense knowledge condensed in your inner consciousness by attracting the positive energy of the universe.

If you also want to know, how Reiki can bring out your silent Gods gifted knowledge which you have had since your birth to heal your present problems. Then the Reiki Healing course in Rishikesh offered by the Haritha Yogshala is the best for you. They provide Reiki healing course for beginners to advanced level.

What is Reiki Healing Therapy?

Reiki healing therapy is a cluster of ancient knowledge in set standards that is based on the wisdom that comes from the god or inner consciousness that is the higher self.

It is the connection of the higher self to the energy of the universe that breathes life into the living world.

All living creatures have the wisdom of the universe to preserve and heal and are interconnected. Reiki is all about understanding the process of connecting to heal the soul.

The term Reiki has a meaning that is clear as "Rei" means life and "Ki" means Energy or Prana. It is aware of the root cause of every problem and difficulty and can determine the best way to alleviate them.

Reiki in simple terms can be compared to a radio station broadcasting the radio waves. There are no wires connecting the radio station with your device but as we on the system, the connection gets start. Same in reiki, the energy is everywhere and travels through space without wires. Once you are connected to that energy it flows automatically forever- said by Dr. Hayashi

What will you achieve in Different levels of Reiki (Levels I, II and III)

Reiki Level I Learnings:

It is the “initiation level”. Anyone can learn reiki Level 1. It focuses on

  • Opening the energy channels on physical level
  • Flowing energy from the crown of head to the helm
  • Getting familiar with reiki energy
  • Training of how to perform healing sessions on the self and others.
  • Here, students experience an acceleration in their spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities.

Reiki Level II- Learnings:

Reiki Level II is considered the "Practitioner’s or Advanced Level" and offers students advanced Reiki learnings.

  • Here the healing is focused on others
  • For self-learner, it is expanded opening of the energy channels
  • Learn "Reiki symbols"
  • Sei Hei Ki -Reiki Symbol of Harmony
  • Level 2 attunements
  • Distant healing techniques
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen -Reiki Distance Symbol
  • Cho Ku Rei -Reiki Power Symbol
  • Chakra awakening, empowering and balancing
  • Healing for pain management
  • Healing Exercises
  • Learn to work with their own "chi" so as to strengthen your in-built energy and body health

Reiki Level III - Learnings:

Level III in Reiki course is a “Master Level”. The Learner feels a distinct shift in the healing journey as he helps in learning how to channel healing energy.

  • Dai Ko Myo Reiki Master Symbols
  • Negative energy removing technique
  • Reiji Ho -The Reiki Prayer
  • Celestial path to Reiki’s Source
  • Level 3 Master practitioner Attunement

Benefits Of Reiki Healing

Reiki is similar to re-birth like a child. The Reiki's wisdom can perform whatever it takes to free you from obstacles and fears that hinder you from having a fulfilling and joyful life.

  • Peaceful state of mind
  • Stress free state of mind
  • Sad moments get taken away
  • Heals emotional and mental wounds
  • Deep relaxation
  • Relaxation in Chronic illness
  • Better Relationships
  • Physical pain gets resolved
  • Makes traditional methods more effective
  • Get Relief in Insomnia with reiki healing
  • Overall Mental growth spiritually
  • Improves Immunity of the body
  • Corrects digestion process of your body
  • You may get answers and the true meaning of your dreams

Who is eligible to enjoy reiki healing miracles?

Anyone who has a pure soul or wants to make the soul pure and desires healing is eligible for Reiki Healing. No prior experience is required. Dedication, Will power and Faith in Reiki is important to learn it. “Haritha Yogshala Reiki Healing Course” is for beginners also.

It does not require any specific degree or course. We here, at Haritha Yogshala, the best healing school in Rishikesh teach Reiki healing in 3 Levels. We offer the course for beginners and then the learner can proceed to the Master Level.

How to join Reiki healing teacher training course in Rishikesh?

To join the Reiki healing course you need to enroll yourself in our academy for the Reiki Healing. For this you can fill the enquiry form and we will connect you shortly. Also, you can send us a direct message on the WhatsApp. To answer your any query, we also entertain you on calls. Details are provided in the contact us section.

Why Choose Haritha Yogshala for Healing Courses?

  • Scientific based teachings
  • The Teacher has 10+ years of practical teaching experience
  • We bring traditional, authentic knowledge to the students
  • Located in Rishikesh, just walking distance to Ganga River and in the lap of Himalayas
  • Great list of successfully practicing reiki all across the globe are mentored by us
  • More Practical Course Curriculum
  • We understand the healing therapy in deep. Thus, we provide Quality Wide Range of healing courses including Sound Healing, chakra healing, crystal healing, reiki healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Reiki Healing Course below.

Reiki is an ancient method of healing that receive energy from the universe and during the sessions one feels calm, composed, healed and higher understanding state of mind.

Reiki works by unblocking the 7 body chakras and by connecting the inner soul to the energy of the universe. For this mind, physical body and spirit have to be in harmony. When 7 chakras are open, the supplying energy to different body parts gets accelerated and the body gets healed. After Reiki the body’s inner capabilities are unlocked and one can experience miracles.

You may experience symptoms of physical cleansing and detoxification such as a running nose, headaches or diarrhoea.

Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will not be angry.
Just for today I will do my work honestly.
Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing
Source: Book- The essence of Reiki by Garry Malone

After learning Reiki, students report having increased energy, self-awareness, personal charisma, peace, and compassion.

It is started with the detoxification cycle both physically and spiritually. For it one should avoid non veg food, smoke, alcohol etc., as it disturbs the positive energy flow. Minimizes the reiki effect.
Removal of negative energy
Eating healing diet
Flow the life force energy from the universe into the body

It was originated in India and other eastern regions. But due to lack of written records Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Usui. He introduced several mantras and ancient symbols.

Though the knowledge is ancient and is based on self-inner consciousness where the reiki seeker tapped your knowledge in your body, but it has a standard procedure that you have to follow. For this you have to enroll in the best Reiki course.

In Rishikesh, many yoga schools teach reiki healing, Haritha Yogshala is one of them for the best Reiki school in Rishikesh. It offers quality teachings and all the students are highly satisfied.

Yes, you can give distant healing to your beloved pet and help him getting cured.

A \“Reiki Attunement\”, in an easy language is a process which your reiki master will go through with you during class. The attunement opens up your energy system to allow you to channel more energy.

No, you cannot learn Reiki healing without a Reiki Master. Initially only a Reiki Master can help you to get tuned with the universal life force energy with the body spirit.

Reiki Healing Certification Course Fees - 2024

Language: English

Available: Yes

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 249 USD 149
Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 22
Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 35

Language: English

Available: Yes

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 299 USD 249
Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 22
Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 35

Language: English

Available: Yes

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 299 USD 249
Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 22
Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 35

Language: English

Available: Yes

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 649 USD 499
Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 22
Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 35

Terms & Conditions:

  • To join Reiki Healing Certification Courses at Haritha Yogshala advanced booking is required.
  • Accommodation facility is available on campus or nearby (as per availability).
  • After successful completion, certificates are issued by Haritha Yogshala organization.
  • No classes will take place on Public Holidays.
  • To sign up for the course, please bring a valid identity proof & 2 passport size photographs.

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