Ayurveda Remedies to Arm your Immune System and Prevent Coronavirus

Mar 09, 2020

Prevent Coronavirus

Coronavirus or Covid-19 has propelled itself into the global limelight. The contagious virus increasingly spreading throughout the globe is severely affecting those who have compromised with their immune. 
A large family of viruses sourcing a threatening epidemic, with a new and seventh strain that was first identified in Wuhan, China on 31st December 2019. 

Types of Coronavirus

Different types of human coronaviruses vary as per the severity of the disease and symptoms in individuals:

1. 229E (alpha coronavirus)
2. NL63 (alpha coronavirus)
3. OC43 (beta coronavirus)
4. HKU1 (beta coronavirus)

Recently the number of deaths from coronavirus has unfortunately shot up. Although the mortality rate is less than the rate of conception, the number of people to have died from Covid-19 is alarmingly increasing per day. The alarming rate of deaths and confirmed cases have made it necessary to invent a permanent cure for this deadly virus. But sadly, there is no permanent cure yet. The good news is that the symptoms can be controlled and cured at an early stage.

coronavirus diys

DIYs to Prevent COVID-19

Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some DIYs that you can follow  to keep coronavirus away: 

1. Keep washing your hands frequently
2. Avoid close contact with people
3. Avoid shaking hands with people
4. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with hands
5. Stay hydrated by drinking more fluids
6. Boost your immune system to cushion against coronavirus
7. Use a mask when you in public place or hospitals
8. Avoid going to meat shops and butcher markets
9. Switch your diet vegan diet to avoid red meat of animals
10. Check the Epidemiological condition before planning a trip
11. Keep your homes and offices properly ventilated.
12. Add a humidifier shower in your daily routine.
13. Avoid attending animal events.

As per the recent stats of WHO, there is a terrible jump in figures. It has been seen 90 870 confirmed (1922 new) cases globally, 80 304 confirmed (130 new) 2946 deaths (31 new) in China and 10 566 confirmed (1792 new) outside China. 

As coronavirus is spreading, we are constantly getting several ways of prevention. We are hearing about how to avoid exposure and take care of ourselves frequently. But the major way to avoid Covid-19 makes us another home is to boost the immune system. People are telling how to avoid it but the question is how to prevent it. The most important way to prevent coronavirus infecting you is to boost your immunity. Taking steroids can be a choice but not a good one. Steroids or artificial supplements prevent the illness but at the cost of your internal organs. 

Our body has its own personal medic inside which is widely known as the immune system. Our immune system has immense capabilities to fight anything. The major reason that we attract diseases and unwanted illnesses is the declining efficiency of our immune. The unnatural food and daily habits reduce the natural abilities of our immune system. 

We might have noticed better health and prosperity in ancient times. The only reason behind fewer diseases and great health was the maintenance of the natural essence of living. Earlier, people were less prone to diseases and rarely died of an epidemic. Again, the reason was that they were not exposed to the modern face of luxury and artificial remedies. 

If you really want to give a good space to coronavirus and want to prevent it, you have to work on restoring the natural powers of your immune system. This restoration is not that hard as it looks. To reset your immune system you can go back to the remedies of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the mother of all science of healings. This ethnic discipline of Ayurveda never says no to any solution. In simple words, if explored prudently, Ayurveda can give remedies for any illness. 

Ayurveda remedies unlike steroids do not kill the virus but work on immune and give a permanent cushion against any possible illness. Ayurveda along with prevention works on retention of wellbeing. 

With Covid-19 continuing to spread, It has become vital to stick to Ayurveda remedies to strengthen your immune. You just have to do is make some easy changes to your actions and habit and reset your immune with Ayurveda: 

Ayurveda Remedies to Boost your Immune System for Coronavirus

1. Take Tulsi Ginger Tea Frequently:

tulsi tea

Tulsi or Holy Basil is a sacred plant found in every Indian home. Also known as Vrinda, Tulsi is known as an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and is found in the center of the Indian home’s courtyard. Tulsi holds a prior place in the books of Ayurveda. When it comes to treat or boost the immune system, Holy Basil or Tulsi can be one of the best choices. Making hot tea by boiling ginger and tulsi in water and sipping it many a time a day can really boost immune and help us to protect our body from coronavirus. 

2. Add Giloy Juice in your Daily Diet Plan:


Another remedy of Ayurveda to reset your immune and fight Coronavirus is a proper intake of Giloy. Boil the herb, Giloy in water and cool it down on room temperature. Drink this homemade juice twice a day. You can also mix some Giloy and honey and take it twice a day to enhance your immunity. If you are finding it difficult to find Giloy, you can buy the Giloy powder or juice available in the market. 

3. Take Triphala Churna Twice a Day:


Ayurveda boasts of the natural benefits of Triphala to get better immunity. Taking ½ a spoon of Triphala Churna twice a day with lukewarm water will definitely improve the immune system and will help you fight contagious diseases like Coronavirus.

4. Make a Quick Shift to a Satvik Diet:


Coronavirus was previously found in animals. There was no case identifying coronavirus in humans previously. This sudden outbreak has threatened the world severely. Eating red meat of infected animals could be a big cause of inhabiting Coronavirus in your body. Ayurveda has always said to keep the diet Satvik. To protect and get a fast immune one should shift to vegan diet. Satvik ayurvedic diet as per your body type can help you in staying free from this spreading outbreak of Covid-19. The ayurvedic remedies for coronavirus are incomplete without a strict Satvik Vegan diet. Ayurveda defines our body as per Tridoshas and advises you to eat as per your body constitution. 

5. Go for an Intense Ayurveda Detoxification:

ayurveda detox

India is the home of Ayurveda. There is always a remedy to everything in Ayurveda. Another cause of a weak immune system and disease-prone body is accumulation of toxins. Being exposed to the contaminated air, water and food we end up piling our body with hazardous toxins. To protect yourself from this deadly virus it is most important to detoxify your body regularly. You can take the special detoxification retreats in India to rejuvenate yourself and flush out the toxins. 

FINAL WORDS: The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has obstructed several homes and lives. Besides the mortality rates, this virus is severely affecting globalization today. As there is still not a permanent cure for the final stage of this contagious disease, the best way to keep yourself safe is to boost your immunity and make yourself capable of fighting this virus. To survive in this time of the epidemic, it has really become important to make our immune survive better. In order to avail the benefits of Ayurveda in fighting against the coronavirus is to reset your immune with our Ayurveda Detoxification retreats and programs. You can fight and prevent coronavirus by taking Ayurveda Rejuvenation Retreat in Rishikesh. It is time to take preventive measures and stay safe with Ayurveda. 


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