11 Amazing Benefits of Chakrasana (The Wheel Pose)

Benefits of Chakrasana

Chakrasana is also known as Urdhva Dhanurasana. These two terms are derived from the Sanskrit language and connotes-the wheel pose or The Upper Facing Bow. The name reflects the position of the final pose of Chakrasana.

Chakrasana lists first in the finishing sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Wheel Pose holds several health benefits. Before landing on the benefits it serves the humankind with, let us learn how to line up the pose:

Chakrasana (The Wheel Pose) Video

Steps to Perform Chakrasana - The Wheel Pose:

•   Lie straight on your yoga mat.
•   Now bend the knees and place your heels as close to the hips as possible.
•   Slowly raise your arms, bend your elbows by resting the palms beside your ears.
•   Make sure that your fingers are pointing towards the shoulders.
•   Drop your head to the back.
•   Lift your hip up.
•   Elbows shall be locked and straight.
•   Hold the pose until you can.
•   Feel the stretch in the core.
•   To release the pose bend your elbows, bend your knees, start lowering your spine and lie on the mat.
•   Now do counterpose once you have released the pose.
•   Hug your knees close to your chest. Come in Pawanmuktasana.
•   Slowly inhale and exhale.

Yoga is benefitting humankind since ages. Yoga is a diversified ocean of remedies that can heal human pains naturally. One of such Vedic blessings is Chakrasana. Chakrasana works wonders on treating the body.

Image of a person in Chakrasana, The Wheel Pose. The practitioner arches their back, balancing on hands and feet, forming a graceful and energizing wheel shape. This heart-opening pose is depicted with proper form, promoting strength, flexibility, and a sense of vitality in yoga practice.

Below are some amazing health benefits of Chakrasana:

1.   Good Stretch:  Chakrasana holds a priority when it comes to performing a good yogic stretch. Chakrasana involves the whole body to line up the final pose. Chakrasana lengthens the core of the body and stretches the arms along with the armpit. The wheel pose benefits the body by giving an advance stretch. If you are a beginner and want to step into some complex poses then the most beneficial and rated yoga asana is Chakrasana. The stretch it gives to the body helps in increasing the height naturally.  

2.   Natural Strengthener: Chakrasana is a cosmic source of immense strength and power to the bones and muscles. Adding Chakrasana in the daily roll can serve you with the tremendous benefits of Yoga. Chakrasana stretches the spine which gives strength to it. The benefits of Chakrasana involve a healthy spinal cord, strong bone density along with proper functioning of nerves. Chakrasana benefits the endurance of the muscles; this yoga asana stretches the gluteal muscles giving them effective robustness.

3.   Improves Appetite: If you have a poor appetite you need not to take any artificial weight gainer. Indian patronage has gifted us with the effective benefits of Chakrasana in improving the appetite naturally. When you drop the head down, make sure that you keep your jaws close this will stretch the neckline giving good digestion. Chakrasana relieves you from constipation, digestive problems and other stomach issues giving you a naturally improved appetite.

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4.  Agrestal Weight Cutter: A high percentage of people are suffering from obesity and are concerned about their overweight. A flock of people is running after artificial mass cutters and excessive exercise in the gym. Chakrasana involves the belly and abdominal organs to land on the final pose, therefore, cut the excess belly fat. Chakrasana has been practiced to attain a pleasing personality by giving a healthy body.

5.  Flexibility: Another major benefit of Chakrasana is that it makes you excessively flexible. Chakrasana makes your body bend nicely thereby giving a great stretch to your backbone. Chakrasana benefits the body by lengthening the body and rewarding you with good flexibility.

6.   Blood Circulation:  To achieve the final pose one has to go through a good backbend and body stretching while the head is dropped down, Chakrasana increases the blood circulation and supply the rich oxygenated blood to the whole body. Chakrasana supplies the rich blood to face and scalp thereby giving you glowing skin and shinning hair. Chakrasana is widely known for its beauty benefits. This pose is miraculous if you want to preserve your youth forever.

7.   Mental Health: One of the major benefits of Chakrasana is good mental health. While performing Chakrasana the blood is directed to the brain cells oxygenating them. Chakrasana relieves you from anxiety, stress and other emotional problems rewarding you with good mental hygiene.

8.   Respiratory Disorder: Chakrasana targets the lung and ensures a good functioning of respiratory organs. Chakrasana opens up the lungs thereby treating the respiratory issues. Chakrasana if practiced regularly can relieve asthma, breathing issues, bronchitis, and other respiratory illness.

9.   Therapeutic Applications: Chakrasana also holds therapeutic applications. Chakrasana treats the major problems like Cervical, Spondylitis, digestive problems and other severe ailments. 

10.  Overall Wellbeing: Chakrasana strengthens all the internal organs thereby ensuring optimum functioning of organs. Synchronized internal organ system paves a way for a healthy lifestyle. Chakrasana serves one with overall wellbeing.

11.   Spiritual Wellbeing: Besides plenty of physical benefits of Chakrasana, there exists one more phase of this yoga asana; the spiritual wellbeing. Chakrasana is an advance bend that not only rejuvenates you physically but also recreates the scope of possibilities. Chakrasana curbs confusion and show the practitioner a new ray of confidence and higher possibilities that aids in achieving your aims effectively. Chakrasana fills you with immense peace reconnecting you with the higher self. 

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Caution while doing Chakrasana:

Although Chakrasana benefits us in several ways, there are some DON'Ts that you shall follow when thinking of adding this asana in your daily routine:

Pregnant women should avoid this asana.

•    Do not land on this yoga asana. Chakrasana should be preceded by some simple yoga asana such as a backward bend or Setu asana.
•    It is better to practice this pose under proper guidance if you are a beginner.
•    Do not line up the pose if you are feeling weak or having discomfort in your wrist or back.
•    Do not try this pose if you are weak at your spinal cord or having any discomfort in your spine.
•    If suffering from diarrhea do not attempt Chakrasana.
•    People undergoing low blood pressure shall not attempt the pose without medical consultation.
•    If you are bothered by Cardiac diseases, forget to do Chakrasana without consulting with your doctor.

Always follow the steps to land to the final pose of Chakrasana. Any sort of hurry can lead to unwanted sprains or wrench in ligaments. To turn to the real benefits of Chakrasana, it is advisable to take all the precautions before landing on the final pose.  


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FINAL WORDS:  Turn your life towards the serenity of a yogi by availing the benefits of Chakrasana. Right from the physical to spiritual stability, the benefits of Chakrasana are auspicious. A regular practice of this yoga asana benefits your wellbeing as well as your emotional growth. Chakrasana benefits the intellect and leads your life towards greater peace and abilities.

Doing Chakarsana daily can reform your daily schedule positively by energising your mind and body for your day job. Chakarsana can be counted upon when it comes to the excellent benefits of yoga asanas as it prepares you for the whole day and adds a good level of confidence, will power and strength to your daily works and decisions. Dive into this advance yoga asana to carve out the real yogi from within you. This is the time to recreate our strengths and overcome the earthly weakness.

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