What Is Sound Healing? How It Works, Benefits & Frequencies

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What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is an ancient method of healing, which is achieved by the sound of different frequencies. Our body has 7 divine chakras which are sensitive to certain frequencies. In sound healing, this specific frequency of sound is played to activate the chakra related to that sound frequency.

Sound healing is a way to re-create yourself. It is the process of healing done with sound. This means that you can treat the body's ailments by using the power of sound. It's really enjoyable when you listen it however, it becomes more fascinating when you master it.

The golden language of sound healing says "Sound can alter frequencies from low energies of fear and guilt to higher frequencies of joy and love”. Sound frequency syncs with brainwaves, and triggers relaxation responses within your body."

The principle behind sound healing is the effect of vibrations. Actually, vibrations are particularly beneficial for helping to heal the body. "The adult body is 75% water, and water is a great conductor for sound vibration," He. states. "When vibrations are transmitted throughout the body, they encourage circulation, energy flow, and revitalization. 

How does sound healing work?

Sound baths aid in facilitating changes in the brainwave state by entrainment. Entrainment can synchronize our brainwaves, by providing a steady frequency that the brainwave is able to tune to. 

With the help of rhythm and frequency that we can train our brainwaves. As a result, it is possible to shift to our beta-state (normal awakening conscious) and shift to an alpha state (relaxed consciousness) or even theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep which is where internal healing occurs).

The soothing sound and Sound therapy Techniques are taught by using rhythmic and tonal instruments as well as voice. The instruments that are used for tonal include Himalayan or crystal bowls for singing, gongs, and tuning forks. The most popular vocal techniques include Toning (the singing of a single tone) as well as overtoning (in which multiple tones can be sung in a row) and mantra (the singing of Sanskrit phrases). 

An individual who is practicing Holistic Vocal Therapy, also known as Group Voice Therapy may also utilize vocal processing techniques that combine breathing, movement, and visualization, along with vocal. A session for therapeutic rhythm is performed using a frame drum and therapeutic percussion, which includes shakers, rainsticks, and chimes along with other instruments to increase the therapeutic effect.

What are the major Sound healing instruments?

Sound healing instrument which is majorly used is Singing bowls or Tibetan Singing bowls. Apart from this people also use Sound healing tuning forks, Sound healing gongs, music (binaural beats), rainsticks, harp, hang etc. They have different functions and are used differently by the experts.

Some of the majorly used sound healing instruments are: 

Sound Healing Bowls or Tibetan Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have been utilized for centuries in Tibetan tradition since at least the time of 12th century. They are made of metal and come in a variety of dimensions and produce an envpeloping sound that soothes the mind. Since each bowl emits an individual vibration that acts on distinct areas that are part of our brains, various sizes of bowls are commonly employed in conjunction. 

Naturally, the bowls could be used to treat different areas that make up the human body. Bowls induce a calming dream state and can be applied to the body to help heal.

Vibrations are carried through the fluids of the body. "When this happens, it helps stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improve lymphatic flow." This particular form of treatment has also been proven to decrease stress, anger depression, fatigue, and stress.

Sound Healing Tuning Forks

Tuning forks are commonly used to tune instruments. They also have healing capabilities on their own. Tuning forks calibrated to the body can be placed on specific areas of the body and send the vibrations needed to release tension and clear energy channels that are blocked. This method of sound healing is beneficial in balancing emotions and for pain relief.

Sound Healing Gongs

Gongs have been used in the basis for sound healing since about 4000 B.C. Today, they are utilized for gong baths. This is a form that involves meditation that involves the user creating various patterns and tones using the gongs to generate vibrations that help to strengthen the connection between body and mind. Additionally, it is fast.

The gong has strong vibration which results in rich sound. The secret lies in its size and structure. Just in 60- 90 seconds the sound can put you in a deeply relaxed and meditative Theta state.

To clear your mind having emotional blockages and to enhance your mental clarity which can transform you physically as well mentally, Gong baths are excellent.

The sound wave moving although the body stimulates various body cells like RBCs, and opens up the whole circulatory system. Gongs can also trigger the limbic system and enforce muscle relaxation. 

"The sound of a gong can be heard by the ears, going over the auditory nervous system then the vagus nerve stimulating all organs in the body. Your organs perform more efficiently, including your kidneys and your liver. You feel refreshed and rejuvenated." 


Believed to be created by the Aztecs They are typically made of the bodies of dried cacti, with items like tiny pebbles inside. Like the name suggests, Rainsticks emit an eerie sound that is similar to the sound of rain falling, and are utilized to create peace and tranquillity.

Wind Chimes

We often think of Wind Chimes as pretty ornaments placed in our gardens, but in reality, they go all the way back into Ancient Rome, India and China. They are commonly used as part of Feng Shui to maximize the flow of Chi (life energy) and wind energy, Wind Chimes are able to transmit beautiful celestial sound and the timbres.

Pan Flute

Most often made from bamboo, ivory, and wood Pan Flutes go the past 6000 years and are found in South American countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Pan Flutes are a staple in folk music and feature soft, relaxing tunes.


The Hang was invented in 2000 in 2000 by two Swiss inventors in 2000, the Hang can be described as a harmonic cylindrical instrument with eight notes that are tuned harmonically. Based on the way in which it is played, the Hang plays, the Hang produces with sound similar as the steelpan, or singing bowl.


The Kalimba was first discovered in Africa the Kalimba's are often referred to as Mbira's and Thumb Pianos and date across hundreds of years. Most often made of wood and steel keys. The sound produced by the Kalimba is comparable to the sound of a Harp or a Hang's. It is quite easy to play. The Kalimba is used in Zimbabwe to treat mental and physical ailments.


The djembe drum is one that is a part of West Africa, and is constructed from rope, wood and hides of goat skin. It is used extensively to create state of mind-bending (trance) and also for relaxing the human spirit in the face of anxiety and stress.

Native American Flute

The name itself suggests that the instrument is a product of Native American Indians. Native American Indians, and is frequently used in modern current sound healing therapies. Native American Flutes are used to lower heart rate, improve the resistance to stress, and enhance mental harmony.


Popular for its beautiful tunes and beautiful melodies, the Harp is used across the globe, dating back to the year 3,000 B.C. The sweet and soft melodies of the harp provide a soothing experience for the body, mind and soul. Harps are often employed in the modern sound healing practices.

Headphones- Binaural beats

Through headphones, binaural beats can be utilized for a range of reasons, including meditation, reducing anxiety and stress levels and focusing, alleviating discomfort and pain, improving sleep, and combating depression.

 What exactly is it? If you are listening to the frequency 200Hz with your left eye, and the tone is 205 Hz within your right ear your brain will instantly detect an illusionary tone and generate the frequency 5 Hz (205 + 200 equals 5Hz). 

The third tone is known as the binaural beat. It is a frequency-follow response that allows the brain to automatically aligns its brainwaves to the frequency. The binaural beat is an audio sound that is perceived by the brain when the difference in frequency of less than 40Hz and both tones fall within the range of 1500Hz.

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Sound healing frequencies and its relation with 7 chakras

Sound healing revolves around your individual body as a whole and the sound coming from the Tibetan singing bowl. The different parts of your body have different frequencies. They work well synergically in that particular frequency. A special name is given to these frequencies which are specific to the 7 chakras

It is a type of music that makes use of specific patterns of sound that stimulate your brain. The tracks are specially designed to help brain waves reach a frequency that offers many advantages. Solfeggio Frequencies typically are utilized for transformational purposes.

They can improve relationships, manage anxiety and change, re-awaken the ability to sense and more. Solfeggio Frequencies are the sacred numbers that repeat in a sequence comprising 3, 6, and 9 and each Solfeggio frequency has particular function. They contain the frequency necessary to restore your energy balance and to heal you. This has to synchronize with their singing bowls.

For instance, frequency 528 hertz (Hz) frequency is utilized for the repair of the DNA as well as being a frequency that can bring about Universal wonders. 

What is Solfeggio Frequencies and their properties?

Solfeggio frequencies are sounds' specific frequencies that are able to connect with your brain to produce vibrations in your body. The produced vibrations can trigger powerful effects. These effects may cause an overall state of calmness, relaxation, sleep, stress relief, etc. 

These are the 7 most used frequencies in healing through sound:

7 Body Chakras Location Chakra name in Hindi Solfeggio Frequencies Responsible for
Root Chakra  Base of spine, in tail bone area Muladhara chakra 396 Hz Inner Peace, Liberating guilt and fear
Sacral Chakra  Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel Svadhishthan chakra 417Hz Facilitating Change, Overcome trauma
Solar Plexus  Upper abdomen in the stomach area Manipura chakra 528 Hz Miracles, Transformation, Creativity 
Heart Chakra  Center of chest just above the heart Anahata chakra 639 Hz Relationships, Connections, Socialism
Throat Chakra  Throat Vishuddha Chakrs 741 Hz Awakening Intuitions, Solutions
Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra Forehead between the eyes Ajna Chakra 852 Hz Inner Strength, Self realisation, Returning to spiritual order
Crown Chakra  On top of head Sahasrara Chakra 963 Hz Positive energy, Divine consciousness and enlightenment

Amazing Benefits of Sound Healing

Using Sound healing, you can experience marvelous change within yourself and can pass it on to mankind after learning its skills. However, It’s hard to tell the change you feel but still, if it has to be on paper, you can experience the below-mentioned sound healing benefits. 

1. Relieves Stress: The brain operates our body. A high level of uneasiness and tension can hamper the smooth working of our brain. This leads to an emotional and physical imbalance to the body creating a barrier to our daily life. Sound healing therapy relieves your brain from unnecessary stress restoring a happy lifestyle.

2. Enhanced Thinking: Anxiety and stress are like slow poison to emotional health. Continuous anxiety can reduce thinking ability. Perpetual emotional disturbance can be a cause of vague thinking. Sound Therapy uses the Sound healing frequencies to re-balance brain functioning. Sound therapy gives you clear thinking.

3. Boost Confidence: Sound Healing Therapy incorporates the sound frequencies to restore your dropping willpower. Sound can do magic when it comes to boosting your mood. Sound Healing is a wonderful technique used over the years to refill the soul with the tranquillity of healing sound. Sound therapy takes one to the world filled with peace and sound frequencies that lift up your aura positively.

4. Enhance your Focus: Many times, we find it hard to focus on the smallest work. We often go restless and unable to understand the real underlying reason. Actually, our mind which regulates everything in us also demands some soothing rest. 
Sound therapy is one of the best natural ways to recreate the peace of your mind. Sound therapy uses sound frequencies to restore and enhance our focus.

5. Increased Energy: Experience the sound healing therapy to fuel up your energy. If you often feel lethargic or can encounter a sudden drop in your energy then sound is the best remedy. Sound therapy involves the gentle sound waves that soothe the body and infuse positive energy in you.

6. Increased Attention Span: Tibetan singing bowl is renowned for doing wonders for well-being. Sound therapy advocates a greater attention span in most cases. Sound healing therapy enhances your attention and builds a greater intellect.

7. Therapeutic in Nature: Sound healing holds several therapeutic benefits to our bodies. The benefits of Sound therapy are countless. Sound therapy benefits in healing every emotional ailment. Also, sound healing can do an amazing job in treating physical ailments emerging out of stress, anxiety, or even a neurological issue.

8. Pain Management: Sound healing has plenty of benefits. One of which is pain management. Sound therapy is a natural healer. The sound frequencies produced by the sound healing instruments are marvelous. This ancient practice teaches you the science of resonating with higher frequencies. This not only reduces your pain but also teaches you pain management.

9. Builds Good Relations in Family and Workplace: Smoothen and purify emotions and feelings. Sound healing therapy repairs your aura. Hypertension and anxiety often lead to disturbance in our relations. A bad mood and anger ruin our image and relation both in our families as well as in the workplace. 

Sound therapy is the future of healing which has already been started. Sound healing teaches us anger management that redrafts our personality into a vibrant and positive one. 

Some other benefits of sound healing include:

1.    Curbs anxiety
2.    Reduces blockages and toxins
3.    Improvises sleep pattern
4.    Alleviates insomnia
5.    Reduces cholesterol
6.    Stimulates the circulatory system
7.    Boosts immune system
8.    A cosmic pamper to the emotional aspect
9.    Deals with frequent mood swing
10.    Nurture gratitude and compassion
11.    Teaches Pain Management
12.    Balances Chakras
13.    Re-balance hormones by stimulating vital glands
14.    Transforms the personality into a positive one
15.    Opens up the cells by an efficient energy flow
16.    Enhances the physical and emotional possibilities
17.    Helps in anger management
18.    Rejuvenates the overall wellbeing

Why sound healing is trending?

Sound healing is a century-old practice. But in the past 10 years, it has gained huge popularity. The reason is the increasing trend of Alternative Medicines past few years. Now people have understood that to heal the body taking medicine is like hollowing out the body.

Nowadays a huge percentage of working and non-working individuals are struggling with day-to-day stress, depression, and anxiety. An unhealthy lifestyle is leading to several blockages in the body. Sound healing is a really great alternative way to get rid of these body ailments.

This is why sound healing is getting more popular day by day. I must say you must experience it at least once in your life to meet your inner peace and rejuvenate yourself. You need not be professional but a session of a few days is also enough. It gives a healing soft touch to your mind and soul.

Some Frequently asked questions in Sound healing therapy:

1.    What is Sound healing gong bath?

It is a healing of sound using gongs. This is a type of inactive meditation through which the participants "bathe" in the healing sounds.

2.    Is sound healing effective?

Sound Therapy can be effective in achieving not just an euphoric state, but also provides an effective method of removing blocks within the body. Sound Therapy has been shown to aid in treating conditions such like anxiety, stress as well as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, physical pain, and autism.

3.    What are the 7 healing frequencies?

Benefits of Music based on 7 Solfeggio Frequencies
•    396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency. 
•    417Hz Solfeggio Frequency. 
•    528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
•    639 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
•    741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
•    852 Hz Solfeggio Frequency
•    963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

4.    How does vibrational healing work?

Everything is a vibration, and your body is tuned just like an instrument. Different instruments operate at a specific frequency. Sound healing helps your body to recover itself by slowing the brain's waves. These waves affect every cell of your body, transforming them from being some defects or ill to revived and healthy.

5.    Can sound waves heal you?

Sound healing can help remove energetic blockages, and aid in healing on both an emotional and physical level. 

6.    What does 528 Hz do to the body?

528 Hz is responsible for creativity and miracles. As reported, it may also reduce the amount of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in our tissues of the brain and induce testosterone production.  

7.    How do you activate chakras in your body?

In the past, in India, Chakras are known and used as energy centers in the body. They are the key areas where meditation/ dhyana is performed by the yogis or saints. The 7 chakras are activated through the use of mantras or meditation. Each chakra has its own mantras as well as mudras. There is a total of 7 chakras that are activated for unbelievable divine results. 



8.    What is a sound bath?

In general, an overall sense, a sound bath can be described as an experience of meditative in which those present will be "bathed" in sound waves. The waves are created through a variety of sources, including healing instruments like gongs, singing bowls rattles, chimes, percussion or tuning forks, as well as the voice of the person.

9.    Which frequency is best for sleep?

Theta and Delta frequencies are found to be the most conducive for sleep. Therefore, the brain's is required to have a frequency between 0-7 Hz in order to be in the right place to sleep comfortably.

10.    What does 852 Hz do?

In the ancient Solfeggio scale, 852Hz is the highest frequency. It helps you gain access to a higher power source. This frequency has the potential to eliminate any energy of fear and worry, leaving you with a greater sensation of joy, ease, and complete confidence.

11.    Which chakra should I open first?

The root chakra, Known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, it's the first chakra in the human body. “The root chakra is where everything begins. It's the root from which true health, well-being, and empowerment grow.

12.    How do you know if a chakra is blocked?

A blocked chakra in the root can manifest in physical ailments like constipation, arthritis, and colon and bladder issues or emotional issues like being anxious regarding finances or our primary requirements and health. When the chakra is in balance and clear, we'll feel safe and grounded both physically and emotionally.


Sound healing is a therapy that aligns the brainwaves and provides a number of benefits and positive changes in the body and mind. There are several instruments that are used in sound healing therapy sessions. 

You will be able to identify the body ailments, chakra blockages, lack of consciousness, etc issues and their treatment in sound healing. 

Sound healing works on the principle of specific vibrational frequencies which are directly linked with 7 body chakras.

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Sound healing is our future which has recently gained resurgence. Learning sound healing does not require any prior experience in Sound Healing Techniques. One just needs to be passionate to learn it. 

In India, Rishikesh is one of the most visited places in the world to learn these ancient healing techniques. The Institute Of 7 Chakras and Sound Healing- Haritha Yogshala provides sound healing courses from levels 1- 4 (beginner to professional level). At every next level, you understand sound therapy in depth. 

You can join the Sound healing therapy teacher training course to become a professional sound healer. The 12 days schedule teaches one of the major aspects of Sound healing techniques along with their uses to heal mankind.

If you do not want to become a professional sound healer and just want to learn its basics just to benefit you and your loved ones you can join Tibetan singing bowls sound healing individual levels 1 & 2. 

If you are a yoga professional who has already completed 200 hour of Yoga Teacher Training Course, you can add your skills set in wellness thru sound healing. 


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